Girgenti Landscaping specializes in new lawn installs and lawn repairs. Hydroseeding is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to a great lawn. Girgenti landscaping offers rough grading, final grading, rock raking, erosion control and hydroseeding. After we hydroseed your lawn we can also set up a temporary irrigation to making watering effortless.

We also offer Organic Hydroseeding! Contact us for details.

Lawn Prep

Depending on your property’s conditions soil prep may be necessary. If needed we can grade, spread fill, spread topsoil, then hydroseed. If your property already has good soil and enough to soil to have the correct final grade we can power rake with our skid steer or tractor then hydroseed. If you soil does not have large rocks in it or is not hard and compacted we can just hydroseed it. For lawn repairs we can use our thatching rake to scratch up your soil without damaging your existing lawn then hydroseed.

Hydroseeding Process

Hydroseed machines mix together seed, water, fertilizer, and wood fiber / paper mulch to create a slurry. The slurry is sprayed on the ground with a high pressure hose which helps it to reach all kinds of terrain, like slopes, that may be difficult to reach. When the slurry dries, it creates a mat over the ground, protecting the area from erosion. The mat protects the seeds from being washed away in the rain or eaten by birds.

The Fast Growing Grass

Most importantly, the seeds are in constant contact with water and fertilizer, which helps them to sprout quickly and grow strong and healthy. The seeds are spread evenly and held in place, creating good coverage. A hydroseeded area typically has a good stand of grass in 2-3 weeks. All of these attributes have made hydroseed a popular choice for commercial and roadside applications for many years.

Hydroseed for Existing Lawns

The great thing about hydroseed is that it is not just for new lawns. Hydroseed can be used to renovate or overseed an existing lawn as well. Homeowners who are not happy with their existing lawn can simply cut the grass short, thatch then have hydroseed sprayed right over the existing lawn. It will fill in weak spots and create a healthier overall lawn. The same process can be done in the fall with winter ryegrass for a green lawn all winter.

Why Would I Want to Hydroseed?

  • Speed
    An area that has been hydroseeded and properly watered will start to grow in about 7 days. Under normal conditions, the new lawn will be well established in 3-4 weeks.

  • Cost
    Purchasing sod is expensive, even if you know how to lay it yourself. If you can't lay it yourself, the labor charges make sod extremely expensive. Hydroseed will cost 70%-80% less than sod and give you an equally beautiful lawn.

  • Health
    Hydroseeded grass starts out in the soil you place it in- it is not subjected to transplant shock that can occur when your soil is different from the original soil the sod was grown in. Sod is also subject to drying out during transport. Hydroseeded lawns grow in healthy and full to crowd out weeds and resist disease.

  • Coverage
    Have you ever seen a sodded lawn with seams showing? Or watched a hand-seeded lawn grow in patchy and sparse? And what about slopes?

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