Watering Practices - Once you’re newly hydroseeded lawn has set for 24 hours, it’s time for watering. Depending on temperatures, watering should take place in the morning, late afternoon or early evening hours. Keep your mulch bed moist, but don't over water. If you see paddling, stop watering. Once you start watering it is important to continue, especially when temperatures are in the 80's or higher. Lack of watering can cause the seed to dry up and expire. In the spring and fall, when temperatures are more favorable and we have cooler evenings, one good watering per day is usually all that is needed. Be careful not to over water during these periods. This can also cause seed damage. The easiest way to explain it is… Keep your mulch wet; don't let it dry out for periods longer than 24 hours.

When to Mow - Once your grass is approximately 3 to 3½ inches high, it is time for its first mowing. Make sure your mower blades are sharp. Dull blades can tear the new blade of grass. This can cause stress or disease resulting in death to the new plant. When mowing, make sure you never take more than 1/3 of total blade length off the new blades of grass, and don't collect the clippings from the first few cuttings! Let them biodegrade within the new turf. This helps feed the soil and plant while accelerating plant development. After your third mowing, the lawn should be almost completely filled in, and sod-like results should be achieved.

When to Fertilize - The grass plants will use the fertilizer applied at installation in 4 to 5 weeks. At this time you'll need to fertilize once again. Depending on the time of year, fertilization requirements will vary. We recommend a starter fertilizer such as 19-19-19 or similar mixture.  This will assist in both growth of blades and development of a healthy root system. 

Do not use a
fertilizer containing any type of herbicide (weed and feed) for a year after the grass was planted. 

This initial fertilizing should be followed by a second application after another 30 days.  The same type of fertilizer should again be used.   Check with Girgenti Landscaping LLC for the proper fertilizer in your area.

Remember - Your new lawn is still in its infancy. Just because your lawn looks fully established, doesn't mean you can stop watering or change your mowing practices. It takes many months before your lawn is ready for the stress of hot summers, and cold/wet winters. Choosing the right fertilizers, keeping your mower blades sharp, proper watering practices, and changing the heights of mowing throughout the year, should guarantee you a healthy and beautiful lawn!

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